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Command line "" and "-" symbol represents the meaning of

If the end of the line is that it is not our end, the following line, and the Bank was a means.

- Is the option to start a letter option generally used - at the beginning, a number of letters to use - at the beginning.

"" If after the carriage return, line feed, then do not be omitted; But if the other characters, it can not be omitted.

"" Tell the system followed by the characters as intended, not an order.

For example there is the file name with spaces, it is necessary add a space before the "."

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Instant Messaging SPI translation

Break the language barrier! This article describes how to use the Lotus Workplace Instant Messaging SPI to create real-time translation chat session, so that the two understand each other's languages can communicate with each other.
Today, instant messaging has largely ubiquitous. For some people, it is a basic e-mail as communication tools, especially in the need for timely response to the occasion. With the online in more and more aware applications (such as IBM Workplace products) in common use, instant messaging will become more and more popular.

Of course, all human means of communication, even talk face to face, must face a basic fact: We do not speak the same language. In today's multi-national composition of the world, many of us still need to take into account the language barrier. This communication is often a challenge, particularly in must be clear, when the rapid exchange of information. If you use instant messaging with others, chat functions, when each message to "immediately" be translated automatically to the receiver of the native form of presentation, this not a good idea? Just a few years ago, this feature also seems like science fiction, but now, this function is very easy to achieve together, this article describes how to implement this functionality.

This article discusses the IBM Workplace Instant Messaging Service Provider Interface (SPI) for use. Instant Messaging SPI is the IBM Workplace Products API Toolkit part, developers can use it to build instant messaging program, in a message intercepted before it reached the receiver. The most common function of this SPI is the message log. But also enables other features such as message translation. (In the annex can see the complete sample code.)

This article assumes that you are an experienced Java developer, and on the IBM Workplace Products API Toolkit have some knowledge about. On the introduction of this Toolkit, please see the developerWorks: Lotus article, "IBM Workplace portlet to add presence awareness." Can also visit the IBM Workplace resource center.

Workplace Instant Messaging SPI servlets
You can use Workplace Instant Messaging SPI application as a servlet deployed in WebSphere Portal application server instance. The servlet should be configured to start automatically when the application server instance of the load. In the init () method, servlet itself as a listener to the Instant Messaging Service in. Similarly, when the servlet destroyed, but also a listener from the Messaging Service to remove the servlet. Because this is an event listener, so servlet must implement the onMessage method passing the message to the receiver before the call. Information and records of all translation work should be dealt with in this way.

The rest of this article explains how to create a simple message handler, which extends the previously added to the Purchase Order portlet (described in this article) in the chat. The handler will use the WebSphere Translation Server in the message before they reach the receiver to translate. Our goal is to explain the development of a treatment program and its instant messaging integrated into IBM Workplace Collaborative Services solution is so simple. This example can be extended, before the implementation of the translation consider the use of configuration information, of course, is not the scope of this article series. (For example, the message handler can be translated into the receiving party stored in the LDAP server's preferred language.)

Note: The following steps assume that you are using IDE, have some understanding of J2EE applications, such as WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5.1 or IBM Rational Application Developer V6.0. It should also be installed with English and Spanish translation engine IBM WebSphere Translation Server. (In the following examples assume that you are using Rational Application Developer.)

Create instant messaging program
Open development environment such as IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) V6.0, create a new Dynamic Web Project, will be named IMTranslatorProj (Figure 1). If you are using IBM RAD V6.0, so be sure to set Web project deployment target WebSphere Application Server V5.0.

Figure 1. Create a dynamic Web project

To use Instant Messaging SPI and the WebSphere Translation Server API, you must be able to access lwpapi25_imspi.jar and wts.jar file. These two JAR files into Web project WebContent WEB-INF lib folder (see Figure 2). (Download and unzip the toolbox, you can find in the directory lwpapi25imspilib lwpapi25_imspi.jar file. Wts.jar file to install WebSphere Translation Server is located in the directory.)

Figure 2. Lwpapi25_imspi.jar and wts.jar file

In the project to create a new servlet, name it IMTranslator. The servlet should also include a init () and destroy () method (which may need to manually input). Add the following code to the servlet code to the start position for the introduction of the correct package:

import .*; import *; to receive news of events MessagingListener servlet must implement the interfaces. The servlet class definition was revised to:

public class IMTranslator extends HttpServlet implements Servlet, MessagingListener (Now, a new servlet code should be as follows (ignore the error, because you will be in the next step to correct it):

import javax.servlet .*;
import javax.servlet.http .*;
import .*;
import *;
public class IMTranslator extends HttpServlet implements Servlet, MessagingListener (
public IMTranslator () (
super ();
protected void doGet (HttpServletRequest arg0, HttpServletResponse arg1) throws
ServletException, IOException (
protected void doPost (HttpServletRequest arg0, HttpServletResponse arg1) throws
ServletException, IOException (
public void init (ServletConfig arg0) throws ServletException (
public void destroy () (

To achieve MessageListener interfaces, servlet must provide the onMessage () method implementation. The method is passed to the receiver in the message before the call. Add in the servlet onMessage () method, the code is as follows (depending on the environment should change the value of translation server host name):

public byte [] onMessage (
String fromPresentityId,
String fromContactId,
java.util.Collection toPresentities,
java.util.Collection toContacts,
String sessionId,
String contentType,
byte [] data)
String msg = new String (data);
String convertedMsg = msg;
/ / Translation server hostname
String hostname = "";
/ / Convert from english to spanish
String fromto = "enes";
/ / Connect to server and submit translation request
LTinterface service =
(LTinterface) LTengine.GetService (hostname, fromto);
Object handle = service.jltBeginTranslation ("* format = text");
convertedMsg = service.jltTranslate (handle, msg);
service.jltEndTranslation (handle);
catch (Throwable t)
System.out.println (t.getMessage ());
t.printStackTrace ();
return convertedMsg.getBytes ();

The servlet event notification message itself must be registered as a Messaging Service listener. In servlet's init () method to complete this operation, the method called when you first load the servlet. To the init () method to add the appropriate code, as follows:

public void init (ServletConfig arg0) throws ServletException (
MessagingService messagingService = MessagingServiceFactory.getMessagingService ();
if (messagingService == null) (
System.err.println ("IMTranslator: Messaging Service is NULL");
messagingService.addMessagingListener (this);

In the unloaded servlet, you should monitor the program from the Messaging Service to delete this servlet. Can servlet's destroy () method to complete this operation, the method called before unloading the servlet. To destroy () method to add the appropriate code, as follows:

public void destroy () (
MessagingService messagingService = MessagingServiceFactory.getMessagingService ();
if (messagingService == null) (
System.err.println ("IMTranslator: Messaging Service is NULL");
messagingService.removeMessagingListener (this);

By default, servlet request in the first start. The servlet will quietly deal with messages, so the application should be configured to start automatically be loaded. To this end, we should open the deployment descriptor file (web.xml) to open the Servlet tab, then select the Load On Startup options box and save the changes (see Figure 3).

Figure 3. Load on Startup option

Save the changes, will be exported to WAR files Web project. In IBM Rational Application Developer, you can right click project and select Export through to complete this operation. Then select the WAR file, click Next. In the input file name, click Finish to complete the export operation.

Web application WAR file should be deployed in WebSphere Portal IBM Workplace services application server instance. Through http:// : 9091/admin access WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console. Login navigate to the Applications Install New Application. Select the previous step to export the WAR file, enter / IMTranslator as the context root. Click Next to continue behind the operation. Follow the wizard's prompts to install the Web application. In wizard step 1 and 2, accept the default settings. Step 3 (mapping module to the application server), Web application will be mapped to WebSphere Portal application server (Figure 4):

Figure 4. Mapping modules to application servers

After the wizard finishes, you can see a message, this application has been successfully installed. Select "Save to master configuration" link and click the Save button to save your changes.

Instant messaging program running
To start IMTranslator instant messaging program, first navigate to Applications Enterprise Applications. Select IMTranslatorProj application and click the Start button. Status symbols (status symbol) of the changes that the application has been started. With the handling procedures for the WebSphere Portal information recorded in the standard output and standard error log file, the file is located in C: / WebSphere / PortalServer / log directory.

Start the message processing program, you can open a chat session with another user. English message to the receiver before the pass will be translated into Spanish and vice versa. For example Figure 5 shows the message:

Figure 5. Spanish news

Content displayed to the recipient as shown in Figure 6:

Figure 6. Translated into English news

Addressed before the application can be further expanded, according to a message recipient's preferred language (usually stored in the LDAP server) to be translated.

Workplace Products API Toolkit in the Instant Messaging SPI allows developers to send a message to the receiver before the acquisition and processing of the message, so you can complete the message record, monitor and translation of such features. This paper describes the use of Rational Application Developer V6.0 to create this type of development environment to achieve MessagingListener interface servlet, to instant messaging needs from English into Spanish steps. In the servlet's init () method will be added for registration as a Messaging Service servlet listener code. destroy () method contains the code to delete servlet listener. To achieve MessageListener interfaces, servlet must implement the call in a message delivered before the onMessage () method. Using IBM WebSphere Translation Server translation message needed business logic is handled in this method. Finally, we will install the servlet to the WebSphere Portal application server instance.

In short, this is a fairly easy to achieve together the application. But this is not a complex servlet in a multilingual environment may be useful, Instant Messaging SPI can be used as an example of the power.

We hope this can give you help. For clarity, keep this example simple, but you can in their own instant messaging application, creativity, achieve more.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why not read the disk drive?

The author of this two-day drive failure, when the CD into the CD-ROM drive tray is always coming and going after the busy, I went after it by force, not out running, despite the drive light is still blinking but can not properly read the disk. I guess cause trouble for two reasons: first, because they drive the aging, decreased ability to read the disk; or is something wrong with system software, because these days computer viruses and other malicious code has not had time to clear, I think that has to cross the a few days time for handling it, did not expect was a chance to solve this difficult problem.

Two days ago, my PC is not on the LAN together, the instructions of the green card is not on, I would open the case to remove the card to check the results to open the case and found the back of the drive 4-pin power plug is seated loosely scattered scattered behind in the drive. So, I unplug the 4 pin power connector plug tight handle the situation when the network card, boot into the system, then put in discs, just listen to "brush" and read the disk voice, data disc is smoothly identified, no optical drive tray is always coming and going non-stop annoying scene, and drive the problem to be solved in unintentionally.

Summary: The CD-ROM into the computer because I did not tighten the screws after, so pull the whole drive, it may put the back of the 4-pin power plugs get loose, and they have not completely out, the resulting optical light show鏈夌數锛屼絾渚涚數涓嶈冻閫犳垚鍏夐┍涓嶈兘姝e父浣跨敤锛屼娇浜轰骇鐢熶簡閿欒鐨勫垽鏂?鍍忔垜绛変範鎯?DIY鈥濊?涓?畾瑕佸皬蹇冮伩鍏嶆绫婚棶棰橈紝浠ュ厤褰卞搷姝e父浣跨敤銆?br />


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beijing 50 billion set up animation "national team"

Old place new dreams. Beijing Shijingshan District, between the West Fourth Ring Road and West Fifth Ring, who sits Shougang. Shougang has been the pride of Peking Man, and now it has moved to Tangshan.濡備粖锛岃繖鍧楀湴鏂规壙杞界潃鍖椾含浜虹殑鏂版ⅵ鎯筹細鎵撻?涓?敮涓浗鍔ㄦ极浜т笟鍥藉闃熴?

銆??10鏈?4鏃ワ紝涓浗鍔ㄦ极娓告垙鍩庡湪棣栭挗鏈虹數鏈夐檺鍏徃閲嶅瀷鏈哄櫒鍒嗗叕鍙告棫鍧?惎鍔ㄥ缓璁撅紝鍖椾含甯傝绔嬩笓椤硅祫閲戯紝姣忓勾鎶曡祫1浜垮厓杩涜鎵舵寔銆傝繖鏄嚜浠婂勾7鏈堟枃鍖栭儴棰佸竷銆婃枃鍖栦骇涓氭尟鍏磋鍒掋?浠ユ潵锛屾枃鍖栦骇涓氭渶澶ц妯$殑涓?琛屽姩銆?br />
銆??鍖椾含甯傛斂搴滆鍒掞紝灏嗚繖閲屾墦閫犳垚涓浗鑷繁鐨勫姩婕ソ鑾卞潪鍜屽姩婕开鏂凹涔愬洯銆?br />
銆??璁拌?閲囪鑾锋倝锛屼腑鍥藉姩婕煄琚垪鍏ュ浗瀹跺彂鏀瑰鍥藉閲嶅ぇ鏂囧寲浜т笟椤圭洰锛屾斂搴滃皢閫氳繃璐㈡斂鐩存帴鎶曡祫锛岀ぞ浼氳瀺璧勭瓑澶氱鏂瑰紡绛归泦璧勯噾500浜垮厓锛岀敤浜庡彂灞曚腑鍥藉姩婕煄銆?br />

銆??鍖椾含甯傛斂搴滃壇绉樹功闀夸警鐜夊叞浠嬬粛锛屼腑鍥藉姩婕父鎴忓煄瀹氫綅涓洪泦鍔ㄦ极鍒涗綔銆佺敓浜с?浜ゆ槗浜庝竴浣撶殑浜т笟鍥尯銆傚寳浜競鏀垮簻灏嗗湪璐㈡斂銆佺◣鏀躲?鍩虹璁炬柦寤鸿銆佸湡鍦板紑鍙戙?閲戣瀺鏀寔銆佸惛寮曚笓涓氫汉鎵嶇瓑鏂归潰缁欎簣浼樻儬鏀跨瓥銆?br />
銆??棣栭挗鏈虹數鏈夐檺鍏徃閲嶅瀷鏈哄櫒鍒嗗叕鍙告棫鍧?崰鍦?3鍏》锛屽洯鍖烘?寤虹瓚瑙勬ā120涓囧钩鏂圭背銆傚缓璁句腑鍥藉姩婕父鎴忓煄鍚庯紝灏嗕繚鐣欏拰鍐嶅埄鐢ㄧ殑宸ヤ笟鐗硅壊寤虹瓚鐗╃害20涓囧钩鏂圭背锛岄厤濂楃敤浣忓畢20涓囧钩鏂圭背锛屽舰鎴愪富棰樺叕鍥?娴侀?璐告槗銆佷骇瀛︾爺瀛靛寲銆佸叕鍏卞晢鍔℃湇鍔°?鏁板瓧鍖栧姙鍏拰閰掑簵銆佷綇瀹呭強鐢熸椿閰嶅鏈嶅姟绛?涓姛鑳藉尯銆?br />
銆??璁拌?浜嗚В鍒帮紝鍗虫棩璧烽閽㈠厛鏈熷惎鍔ㄥ紑鍙戝缓璁撅紝鎷熻鍒?5涓囧钩鏂圭背宸ヤ笟鐗硅壊鏃у巶鎴挎敼閫犲拰杩囨浮鍩虹璁炬柦寤鸿锛屽苟鐜囧厛灏嗗崰鍦?600骞虫柟绫炽?楂?7绫崇殑閾搁挗娓呯悊杞﹂棿锛屾敼閫犳垚寤虹瓚闈㈢Н1.49涓囧钩鏂圭背鐨勫姙鍏?浼氬睍鍜屽晢涓氬尯銆?br />


銆??鍔ㄦ极鈥滃浗瀹堕槦鈥?br />

銆??浠庢洿骞挎硾鍙戝睍灞傞潰鏉ョ湅锛屼腑鍥界粡娴庡揩閫熷彂灞曪紝涔熶績杩涘鏂囧寲浜т笟鐨勯渶姹傘?2008骞达紝涓浗浜哄潎GDP宸茬粡绐佺牬3000缇庡厓澶у叧锛屾洿鏄揪鍒颁簡鏂囧寲浜т笟鐖嗗彂鐨勪复鐣岀偣銆傝繖浣垮緱涓浗鏀垮簻鍦ㄧ户鎵舵寔绾虹粐銆佽交宸ョ瓑浜т笟涔嬪悗锛屼笉閬椾綑鍔涘湴鎵舵寔鏂囧寲浜т笟銆?br />
銆??浠婂勾7鏈堬紝鍥藉姟闄㈠父鍔′細璁?杩囦簡銆婃枃鍖栦骇涓氭尟鍏磋鍒掋?锛屾彁鍑轰簡鍏」閲嶇偣宸ヤ綔銆傚叾涓寘鎷細鍔犲揩鎺ㄨ繘鍏锋湁閲嶅ぇ绀鸿寖鏁堝簲鍜屼骇涓氭媺鍔ㄤ綔鐢ㄧ殑閲嶅ぇ椤圭洰;缁熺瑙勫垝锛屽姞蹇缓璁句竴鎵逛骇涓氱ず鑼冨熀鍦帮紝鍙戝睍鍏锋湁鍦板煙鍜屾皯鏃忕壒鑹茬殑鏂囧寲浜т笟缇ょ瓑鎺柦銆?br />
銆??涓浗鍔ㄦ极娓告垙鍩庢垚绔嬶紝鎰忓湪浠モ?鍩哄湴+浼佷笟闆嗙兢鈥濈殑妯″紡鎵撻?涓浗鍔ㄦ极浜т笟鍥藉闃燂紝鏃犵枒鍏锋湁鈥滅ず鑼冩晥搴斺?銆?br />

銆??姝ゅ锛屾枃鍖栭儴杩樺皢鑱樿鍥藉唴澶栬憲鍚嶅姩婕笓瀹讹紝瀵瑰洯鍖轰紒涓氬憳宸ヨ繘琛屽煿璁?姝ゅ锛屽洯鍖鸿繕灏嗕妇琛屽悇绫昏瘎濂栬禌浜嬫椿鍔紝涓?柟闈㈠鑾峰浼佷笟鍙婁釜浜鸿繘琛屽鍔憋紝鍙︿竴鏂归潰涔熷彲浠ュ皢浼樼浣滃搧鎺ㄨ崘缁欏紑鍙戝晢銆?br />

銆??璁拌?閲囪鑾锋倝锛岀綉鏄撱?宸ㄤ汉銆佽吘璁瓑鐭ュ悕浼佷笟閮藉凡鍒楀叆鍔ㄦ极娓告垙鍩庣殑鎷涘晢璁″垝涔嬩腑銆傚湪涓?浼氳涓婏紝鐭虫櫙灞卞尯鏀垮簻涓?綅棰嗗闂竴浣嶇綉娓稿叕鍙稿垱濮嬩汉锛氣?浠?箞鏃跺?鏉ョ煶鏅北?鎴戜滑灏嗗湴閮界粰鎮ㄧ暀濂戒簡锛屽喅瀹氭潵浜嗛┈涓婂彲浠ュ紑宸ュ缓璁俱?鈥?br />

銆??鈥滃姩婕骇涓氭槸渚濋潬浜虹殑鏅哄姏鍔冲姩锛岃?涓嶆槸澶ф満鍣ㄣ?澶у巶鎴匡紝鍔ㄦ极浜т笟涓嶈兘浠呬粎浠ュ熀鍦版柟寮忔潵鎺ㄥ姩銆傗? 鐜嬮暱鐢版寚鍑猴紝鈥滆繎浜涘勾锛屽浗瀹跺湪鎼炲姩婕熀鍦颁笂宸茬粡鎶曚簡澶ч噺璧勯噾锛屼絾鏀舵晥鐢氬井锛屽浗瀹跺簲鎶婁骇涓氭壎鎸佽祫閲戠敤浜庣洿鎺ュ鍔便?鎵舵寔銆佽ˉ璐村唴瀹瑰埗浣滃叕鍙搞?鈥?br />



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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Do not call me"

Recently, the other side of the ocean that makes the phone marketers came angry, pleased to make the voice of the American people: In order for American citizens are no longer strange marketing phone harassment, Bush said: "Do not call me" (DoNotCall) . June 27, Bush signed the Federal Trade Commission FTC launched "Do not call me" registration service, suffered deeply move telemarketing junk the United States suffered a number of telephone users. It is reported that as of July 1 morning, "Do not call" list of telephone numbers registered on a total of 12.5 million, and another 14 million phone numbers are on the list from the state's registered automatically transferred to the federal list. FTC officials expect at least the final registration number will reach 60 million. However, in the United States two million personnel by telephone to eat seats are facing the threat of unemployment.

Although the matter has been temporarily in the past, but there are still several issues have to contemplate. First, telephone marketing in the United States a little annoying, but in China it has only just begun by the people and why? Second, the future of China Call Center in the telemarketing business will come to such a situation the United States today? Third, China Call Center market to the healthy development?

We know the Call Center is not only a technical system, but also a platform for business operations, it is the company one of the channels of communication with customers, not since the first day of its existence was beginning to resist the American people, but the Call Center operations Business today can not handle the customer relationship, the abuse of client resources (phone number) of the results, it was called "digging its own grave."

Nowadays, Chinese people are beginning to experience an American public has ever seen a telephone marketing brought about by the convenience of the Call Center dedicated care for me. On the other hand, to meet the market demand for Call Center operations in China, many enterprises are now conducting a new round of Call Center construction, reconstruction and development process. In fact, more and more Chinese companies know how to protect the people of this on the Call Center of the passion, focus on customer relationship management, accurate positioning clients to avoid the misuse of client resources, to Call Center construction and operation of stable and healthy development. It is foreseeable that China Call Center market will usher in a new development opportunity.

Also, according to "AMR Research, May 2002" a report about CRM, said worldwide through the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, financial services, transportation, automotive, high technology, telecommunications, retail and other industries survey Although changes in key priority sectors, but the traditional CRM capabilities will guide investment in 2003, CRM applications. Among them, the willingness to continue investing in the Contact Center Enterprise are: oil and natural gas 100%, car 88%, chemicals 86%, 85% of financial services, telecommunications 77%, 75% of high-tech, medical 67%, retail 62%, transport 43%. The report further revealed that to on the agenda, mainly to consider the future of CRM applications in four areas, namely, customer data analysis (84%), Contact Center (69%), marketing automation (68%) and online self-service ( 64%). Visible, Contact Center, as part of CRM, it will continue to be the industry's attention.

Indeed, many of the old system, technological innovation is a priority, but also a huge market. After years of Call Center construction and operation of some of our major industries have self-built Call Center, such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, high technology, home appliance manufacturing, electricity, postal service. The Call Center industry in the early construction of the main considerations with the functions of the Call Center, the key is to solve customer service problems, such as customer consultation, customer complaints. The Call Center systems are indeed the completion of the business operations of these industries and the expansion has contributed to, but as time goes on, the market in a competitive environment of continuous change, the customer Call Center can provide quality of service requirements more high, the service response time requirements faster, more comprehensive services required, most of which Call Center system has been difficult to adapt to changing customer needs. To this end, the original Call Center System will be faced with system expansion, technology upgrades, remote networking, resource sharing, business expansion, application customization and other issues, the technological transformation of the old Call Center System will be the telecommunications, banking and other priority sectors. In addition, demand for new market penetration in all sectors. Needless to say, like telecommunications, banking and other industrial applications successful experience in Call Center System will speed up the birth of new Call Center emergence of market demand, many small and medium scale enterprises will choose to self or outsource to the market, although the customer individual needs for its very limited, but not the low amount of new markets, cut quite a lot.

As the telephone market relatively late start, there is considerable market space, there are many studies and operating experience to be accumulated, but we should learn from, "Do not call me" (Do Not Call) learned to carry out the operations, so that CTI and call center industry better.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Century through to bring Austria into the blowout UMPC OQO incoming year

Since last August, UMPC manufacturers across the board, including Europe and the United States Department of Japanese and Korean Department, Taiwan University, In addition, China's domestic manufacturers are in the UMPC field for different customer segments, pricing strategies in different markets, different product configuration to carry out their own product development. With the end of last year, areas of the world's first brand OQO UMPC jointly century through the formal into the medal Olympic China, the market has now entered an unprecedented alert status.

UMPC official debut in 2006 so far, just two years, UMPC pace of technological innovation and market development were tested compound growth. IDC data show that between now and 2011, the desktop PC market rate of 3.8% will be reduced year by year, the notebook market with 16.1% of the rate will be gradually expanded. In modern social life, more and more consumers tend to buy laptops for their daily work and life. Thus, a more powerful feature more light more stylish UMPC is unique in its own era of mobile portable tide toward efficiency, a UMPC's blowout year soon to open.

OQO UMPC lead the market into life

The strength of so many manufacturers, are very positive about UMPC, must give consumers a reasonable market grounds. In China, over the past decade, has completed the process of the popularization of personal computers. Whether from the desktop or notebook product, price all the way down. PC penetration, not to say that everyone has a computer. But the real spending power in the market, the realization of a personal computer spread. When the market after the completion of this process, in each within the family, the computer account for the study, living room, or even the computer has been moved into the bedroom. A family there more than one computer, has become an established fact.

How to get the computer market? This is placed in the computer makers, and the upstream face of electronics and software vendors as a major issue. Vigorously promote the upstream firms, many OEM manufacturers strive to promote, UMPC's development is expected to do the. So many vendors plan to implement such a market is undoubtedly a collective market "conspiracy." But this conspiracy exposed in broad daylight, consumers really will buy it it?

Which proved the beginning of this year, with the UMPC's hot, consumers OQO's awareness and reputation are constantly upgrading, UMPC has been slowly integrated into people's daily lives. The other end, UMPC market has emerged in a wide range of competitive scene. OQO Zeyi choice for high-end business elite for the position, with its outstanding performance and distinguished temperament stood the forefront of the market. OQO UMPC led to high-end manufacturers insist on mobility, low power consumption, convenient communication line for the mainstream high-end configuration. OQO choose this product strategy is and the future 3G communications, the Internet increasingly inseparable from the updated software environment.

OQO high-end performance to avoid making the same mistakes

Senior industry insiders believe, looking back a few years ago, PALM, Pocket PC failure, the primary and then memory devices, chip processing power, inseparable. The market at that time, there has been a variety of handheld devices, but praised in a variety of handheld devices, so that handheld computers have several years or even stop the market research. If the future of UMPC devices, and then adhere to the past, custom systems, custom software for specific technical route, no doubt back to the handheld computer age. Some low-cost UMPC hot, although the movement to meet the needs of consumers, but the software application environment, we will no doubt be a huge limitation. Three years ago the rage of WIN98, now hard to find on the Internet. The most popular search dogs, Google Pinyin, do not down to support, not to mention a special customized LINUX system?

Another consumer said: Some notebook looks good, video playback and other functions are also very appreciative of the special Chinese culture in the context of a combined hand only, a small character-processing software, put many consumers in the block outside. That thing looks Ting Mei, but, really use them, will feel the fatal flaw of non-GM system.

This is why OQO stick to high-end configuration, adhere to high-end line of a reason. At this point, OQO last three products, all using the VISTA operating system, looking at the value for money and technology to maintain a clear understanding of: UMPC is characterized by the move, but in essence the need to maintain the characteristics of PC. Consumers really want is a mobile, is convenient, but more like a satisfying product, not the toy is a lot of problems. OQO adhere to mainstream configuration, will become more mainstream consumers to rational choice.

UMPC new generation of mobile elite

According to the latest survey site IT world, the Chinese consumers that the UMPC, will be in 1-2 years or even popular a few years more than 90%, shows that consumer expectations can be seen on the UMPC.

Take a look at Moon Avenue of the smart phone, the bus on the PSP fans, we have no reason not to believe that a bright future UMPC. Currently, Chinese consumers understand the UMPC's only 20%; 56% of people UMPC little knowledge, 23% of consumers on the UMPC is also unknown.

When a product conceptualization to guide the market out, is sure to have more practical rationality of choice.

In 2008, OQO hit the century to bring an Olympic-pass heat, UMPC market blowout, this is already an unavoidable fact. To downsizing of computer products, market diversification, greater ability to maintain aircraft, lower energy consumption, convenient 3G communication channel is the future market demand for UMPC.

Manufacturers ready to go, consumers waiting, this is a market blowout in 2008 UMPC portrayal.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

McDonald's, KFC in China, why the match for

McDonald said that public figures are unwilling to take the initiative because behind rival Kentucky. In the Chinese market is an interesting phenomenon, and many international competitors, in the global ranking in China, in turn. McDonald's, KFC is the case, is still large and medium cities, said that Pepsi's performance in China has more than Coca-Cola, Motorola cell phone a few years ago the performance of more than Nokia in China, cars are so moral system than Japanese, which is unique in China sex? Localization is not an important reason, such as restaurants, western fast food localized. McDonald's an important reason behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken may also have local issues now, use the native people, with appropriate marketing in China and also sell milk and other food such as China. The catering industry is so multinational companies in many industries appear to so many foreign brands operating in China generally quite successful, such Montagut, in Paris, Lafayette told it is because this brand of Chinese tourists to a more before counters opened Montagut; even there is also many false foreign devil.

To break the superstition

McDonald's behind KFC, and other kinds of transnational corporations in the Chinese market to re-sort, the fact that the biggest revelation is that many Chinese local companies can break the myth and superstition on transnational corporations, to participate more confidently compete? Edge and even in many true core market.

This is not to say that multinational companies are paper tigers, but said that the powerful Tigers in any one market may be subject to various constraints within? It may be the company's strategy, capital allocation, human resources, technology and even a very humble Small details, such as corporate leaders are biased against China, and the like, will affect the tiger's strength to play in certain markets. Previously, people often cite an example to describe the powerful transnational corporations: Coca-Cola's strength, he can put all the local Chinese market beverage products companies bought down the sewer, in order to obtain in the Chinese market was overwhelming.

Yes, he may indeed make him the strength to do so. This is why many experts and scholars and journalists who exclaimed over and over again, and lamented the fate of Chinese local business reason. However, we can see in the Chinese market at this picture it? Never. Because the local enterprises in China and the multinational corporations do not always compete, but only part of the competition with this behemoth. Even though China has become in many sectors and many of the most important market for multinational companies, they will not be the body of the fighting force to the market. Lion Bo Rabbit, is not success, but rather that it is not worth the thing.

Moreover, in the eyes of multinational companies, their main rival is the other multinational companies, rather than local Chinese companies. Their main forces must remain in the main market, against the main rival. They will not compete with Chinese companies run out of own resources. As the above examples under that theory, when the Coca-Cola really so stupid to do it, Pepsi will unceremoniously kill him in the back of knife. So, the Chinese market, the chances of rabbits who come, they have a chance in the Chinese market, as well as other overseas markets in the local advantages of transnational corporations, have the opportunity to expand our success and victory. Any international commercial order will not automatically copied to each individual market, multinational companies in China not only need to input their own efforts to re-sort, in other markets would be the case. Chinese companies not only have the opportunity in the Chinese market, in other markets, such as Huawei, some small countries in the European telecommunications equipment market, multinational companies can gain the victory.

Unwilling to disclose sales of McDonald's "get the job" Chinese restaurants hundred

In yesterday's official release in 2004 of new Chinese restaurant hundred companies on the list for several years even McDonald's second largest disappeared. It is understood that McDonald's do not want to take the initiative to public figures, because the industry is its tacit sales figures are far lower than its old rival Kentucky

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